That was a good week-end, but increasingly I notice that I cannot do all-nighters and go to several clubs on the same night as I ... oh, ok, it always took me several days to recover from that sort of thing, but it doesn't get better as you get older. Still, it was all good.

On Friday I went to an exhibition of art of a Venezuelan friend -'Clay. Wallpaper. Venezuelan Scenarios' by Andrea Moreno at Craving Coffee in Tottenham Hale. The pieces had a lot of subtext related to the current Venezuelan political situation and to V'zlan popular culture. I enjoyed that. It was strange to be in a place where about 30% of the people present spoke in Spanish with Venezuelan accents -and addressed me in sort of cautious English. Surely I look and sound Venezuelan? My ex-girlfriend used to say I wrote with a Venezuelan accent....

Mondlicht was a blast, it is more or less the new incarnation of Invocation in a smaller, more central venue (the basement of the Albany in Gt Portland St). As I traditionally had a little birthday celebration at Reptile, I left at midnight and headed for Archway. Now, I like Reptile even though the choice of music is not always my cup; had a good bit of a dance, chatted with friends, but by 3:00 am I'd decided I'd had enough so headed home. Could have walked but didn't; the 134 takes me right to my doorstep from there. Had some good conversations but also discovered that somebody I quite like (beautiful, interesting woman in many respects and from every other interaction I'd had with her, intelligent and mature) turns out to be a climate change denier. As I backed off slowly, the other friend who was present was asking her about some other conspiracy theory trope 'sure you also believe then that...' and she replies 'actually, since you mention...' at which point I disappeared back into the dance floor. 

On Sunday I met with friends at the Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town for Sunday Roast -which was very good, as was the gathering. At the bar I ran into a former guitar pupil who was on his first shift as a bartender at the place. That was a little bit strange. 

* the links are to Facebook events. One or several of them may not be public.

Busy week-end included the last ever Invocation at the Minories (which was a blast) and drinks at peeps' before it, a BBQ at the Highgate Zoo before that (not a real zoo, that's what these friends call their garden flat with their three cats, six or so rabbits and indeterminate number of humans), before that another birthday in Greenwich for [profile] dj_alexander (wait, that's over on the other side; he's [personal profile] alexander_uk here), before that the Gothsluts meet at some pub near Kings X (which was hard work, having to climb five floors to get to the public terrace that was the only available space, plus having to go down to the bar on ground level every time you wanted to order drinks). All good but I think I need, in the time-honoured phrase, a holiday to recover from the holiday.

As a consequence of that, today was a loong guitar teaching day at the school in Watford. Getting up at 5:15 am instead of 10:00 am is damaging for my delicate (ahem) constitution. Not quite as bad as the news today, mind. Wonder whether I may have to find myself a new country, not just a new blogging platform.
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( Dec. 13th, 2016 07:45 am)
Trying to take week-ends more sedately as the previous one, plus the two very busy Monday and Tuesday that ensued, left me feeling, by Wednesday, that I was just about to die. I should find another slot for that rather challenging Sunday morning lesson. Take back control of my week-ends.. er, no, maybe not that, not like that. See what 'taking back control' seems to do to people and countries. What a mess.

Will be missing New Model Army and a whole lot of other stuff happening this season. Force majeure. Last week-end I missed Reptile... went to see my friends of Heel play a gig as part of the Camden Rocks festival as I hadn't seen them play for a very long time (but, alas, that meant missing a gig by other friends -everything seems to happen at the same time these days), on the way out I was feeling a bit off and thought, given those two Sunday lessons, of which one is the most challenging I've got, that it would be quite unwise to go clubbing that night. I think it was the better decision. I do worry that as time goes by this (stopping doing things I want to do and enjoy) may be a more frequent occurrence -I s'pose it is a fact of life, but I won't go down quietly...

I did go to a club on Friday night, Retromancy at the basement of the Albany pub in Great Portland Street. Danced quite a bit, caught up with some friends I'd not seen for quite a while... so I didn't just lie low the whole week-end. There also was the Bibliogoth meeting on Sunday, which might merit a post of its own. [ profile] bibliogoth[Bad username or site: @]
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( Oct. 7th, 2016 12:30 pm)
Busy week-end ahead -apart from my lessons and various other things I have to do, there's a lot happening:

- Cats, rabbits and drinks at [ profile] londonjon's
- Dead and Buried in Archway tonight
- Skeletal Family at Elegant Decadence (probably won't make this one)
- [ profile] sashagoblin's wedding tomorrow! -but I won't be able to make it :(
- The Mission and Death in June are playing in various places in London -but I won't make either of these.
- Invocation! at the Minories in Tower Bridge.
- Slimelight's anniversary.
- Reptile -might have to give this month's Reptile a miss.
- Bibliogoth's October meeting on Sunday, discussing 'The King Must Die' by Mary Renault, her take on the Theseus myth.

My work prospects are improving but I'm still very skint, which is the main reason why I cannot make some (or many) of the events cited above, apart from the small detail that they're all happening at the same time in what seems to be the busiest week-end of the year. I expect I'll see one or two of you who still read this at one or other of them, but have to watch the pennies and -there is something else. I am beginning to feel that I cannot do everything, be everywhere at the same time. My energy levels are no longer what they never were in the first place -but I could ignore. I don't think I can do that anymore.
Sitting at a Costa Coffee in Cricklewood, amidst rows of empty boarded up shops, making time on my way to a lesson -boy doing a Grade 5 later today.

Birthday celebration: I'd said on FB this year I'd only do a gathering for pizza, beer and music at Aces & Eights, near where I live, hitching a ride on this event. This went very well apart from the pub showing the foot-ball at the end. Doesn't everybody watch the footie, doesn't everybody love it? Well, not everybody, I don't. It was a good evening, though,m a good gathering that ended in four of us in another pub exchanging stories. I may have drunk rather more than I usually do. A very good evening.

Saturday was the Alternative Picnic in Hampstead Heath. It was good... there'll be pictures...
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( Jul. 5th, 2016 11:23 am)
Ah, an excellent week-end. Dead & Buried on Friday was just what I needed, much dancing and catching up with friends. It was also the first time I left the house without wearing the splint on my wrist, which must be a good sign (except it has been hurting in the background almost all the time for a few days now).

Saturday: I couldn't attend the March for Europe -I never can go to those things, Saturdays are busy times for a self employed music teacher.. So, instead, I did my lessons and went to Seph's birthday party which was a blast. Came back in a taxi (ouch) at 4:00 am. Again there was a wheel of fortune with rather interesting penalties and I got away very lightly, just having to give a drink to Jennie. The other possibilities included giving somebody 100 lashes, something called 'motorboating' which I will most definitely not explain here, lap-dance for somebody else, kiss another guy in the mouth, &cc. Sunday was a bit quieter. Bibliogoth got cancelled as pretty much nobody was able to attend. Can't see a meeting taking place in August, but we'll see. The book for this month was 'Vermillion Sands' by J G Ballard, which I liked even though the stories, I felt, weren't particularly strong and the characterisation was almost non-existent, but it was a lovely world to visit.
Ah, the long week-end came and went; it brought two picnics, a friend’s gig at the Fiddler’s Elbow and … not a lot more. I’ve mostly been tired all the time, doing little bits of practice on the guitar, trying not to overdo it or take it to the point where the wrist really hurts. But hurt it has –I reckon I must have done something while asleep a couple of nights ago (pushing the hand against furniture or sleeping on it, perhaps) and it has been swollen again and hurting. This never seems to end..

Saturday –it was [ profile] londonjon’s first Hampstead Alternative Picnic at Kenwood House this year for the tenth year in a row. Weather was fantastic and there were a lot of folk in attendance, including no less than Jesus himself. A lot of fun, the only downside of which was that as it gets dark so late this time of year I never realised it’d become too late to go see the Creeping Terrors’ gig at the Slimelight.. There are pictures –I took rather too many pictures ….

There was another goth picnic on the Bank Holiday Monday, this one on Primrose Hill and a much smaller (intimate?) affair. There will be pictures of this one as well.

No schools this week which should mean a little more time to think about how to advertise for guitar lessons; I don’t have enough work at the moment and it is getting to the point where it is becoming worrying. This time of year I should be busy and fielding lots of enquiries, neither of which has happened. Other concerns out there, too, some of which I may elaborate on in another entry.
Again on a train slowly crawling its way out of London... only 25 miles to Watford where I'll have a very short teaching day, after four hours' sleep. It's going to be a long day... but going to bed late to wake up at 5:00 am was worth it at least. I hadn't ever seen Gertrud Stein (no, not _that_ Gertrude Stein) perform live and I was pretty much bowled over. I only really knew her as a friend of [ profile] aka_toothbrush and had some idea that she was a musician and a performing artist. Hers was a very good show, deceptively simple with very good use of a few visual resources. And that tiny Casio keyboard, I'm pretty sure I had one of those once upon the time -but I didn't give it such full use (with two fingers... those tiny keys are not for the ten-fingered keyboardist..)

The week-end brought several good events. Friday night was A New Dusk at what is almost my local pub, Aces & Eights (insofar as a rock pub can be my local, I'm becoming increasingly impatient with any pub where I have to shout to make myself heard and where I have to strain to hear what is being said to me -this is not getting better as I get older and my hearing gets more.. difficult..). It was a very good night with good music and people. The only thing was perhaps that it was too popular: it was packed in that tiny basement and the air-con was not coping. It was _really_ hot in there. How did it happen that I found myself discussing early medieval polyphony outside a night-club at some hour in the middle of the night?

Saturday was [ profile] boxcat's 40th birthday -it was a blast, with open bar (dread to think what the bill may have been for that) and a storming set by the [ profile] mempunks. There'll be pictures of this at some point.

Sunday... apart from my nightmare morning lesson, it brought [ profile] silkyraven's birthday drinks at The Bell in Walthamstow. I liked the pub and the gathering but was feeling perhaps a tiny little bit outside. It seemed to me that the birthday girl was happy, though, which was the main thing. Happy Birthday, Raven!

On coming home Sunday night I practised a bit of guitar and played Bach's Chaconnne through. I can do it but clearly it is too early yet -my hand and wrist have been hurting since.
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( May. 6th, 2016 09:16 am)
Ah, didn't post about the long May Day (that sounds to me a little less boring than 'bank holiday') week-end. There was quite a bit happening and also quite a lot that I missed -you cannot be everywhere at once. On Friday I went to the Negative Creep, this time at Nambucca in Holloway. Got there in time to see Nemhain's set.. took pictures, rather many pictures.

On Saturday I went to Jennie and Aya's birthday party. This was a blast and, again, there are pictures. I think I got away lightly with the roulette game.

Sunday brought about the garden party at Karen Georgina's and Lee-Anne's in West London. That garden is so very beautiful. There were lots of lovely people and also a very cute snake (did I just write that? yes, she was a very cute snake). In the evening I went to the Garage for the Voltaire/Memepunks/Joe Black/Black Volition gig -which was very good, a lot of fun. Yep, lots more pictures taken. Found myself there with [ profile] squirmelia again as well as [ profile] sashagoblin, [ profile] _pyromancer_, Jennie and Dan and a lot of other lovely people.

Monday: went with [ profile] augeas, [ profile] kekhmet, [ profile] squirmelia, [ profile] alexmc and a couple more folk to the Other Worlds exhibition at the NHM. Of course you will have seen many of the pictures before, they being photos taken by the Cassini and New Horizon probes, the Mars rovers, etc -but presented in an interesting and informative way, accompanied with music by Brian Eno, which I was looking forward to but this (the music) was far less interesting than I anticipated and, perhaps not a lot better than my own electronic ambient doodles that you can find in one of my SoundCloud pages (that no-one ever visits, neither have you so you haven't heard them). Took pictures but none of the exhibition itself. After that we went to Tombo's, Japanese restaurant there in South Ken, and had matcha lattes and Sundaes and lovely Japanese food.

After the very busy previous weekend I was thinking I would have a much quieter one on the bank holiday/May Day one. Wasn't going to happen but it was all good, including for me what may have been some closure for a long-standing painful issue. Not the wrist/elbow, that is an ongoing story but it does seem to be getting better now.
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( Apr. 26th, 2016 09:25 am)
Another week-end, another party, yet another party again, another instance of my most difficult lesson of the week. On Sunday morning, .Because there is no better choice of time and day, but boy, is it difficult after a late night, an intense one, even if I don’t drink much (seriously, I don’t).

On Thursday there was the monthly Tufguitar meeting at the Rustique café. This time we had a new person joining, one of my newer pupils. It’s never going to be a massive thing but it does seem to tick over.

Friday… I’m worried about my Friday school. Of good intentions…. In this case, the level of organisation in the music department is… How can I put this, different to any school I ever worked for. The timetables came out wrong, there are a couple of pupils I’m yet to see at all this term so far –but then they appear at impossible times in the timetable –I would be confused -and I was. In the evening, Aces and Eights and the leaving do for a friend leaving London (pictures) . This was manic fun, with the only odd accent given by the fact that ‘the girl’ was there with one boyfriend. It doesn't do me good to see her, I’ve come to realise. It will be impossible not to, next week-end, but after that I’ll minimise contact –as I have already done. The party was amazing fun, though, dancing with friends into the night to rather bad music, for the most part.

Saturday, after lessons, and it was Aces and Eights again, this time in the basement for Consuelo’s birthday (pictures here). This, too, was delirious fun, dancing and catching up with friends. After that we repaired to friends’ flat nearby until, in my case, sometime after 4:00 am (more pictures..).

Sunday was, as can be inferred from the previous, long and complicated. A few lessons away, lunch/dinner shared with a pupil’s family (lovely but together with everything else, raising my levels of stress), finishing fixing somebody ‘s computer and explaining to the owner what I’d done. Good job I don’t have to get up early on Mondays these days.

Wrong. I'd forgotten I had a physiotherapy appointment at the Royal Free early in the morning….
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( Apr. 19th, 2016 09:26 am)
I was hoping this week-end would be a little more sedate than last. It was -but not by much. On Friday I went to Glitch, a little 80's night in a pub in darkest Hackney -all of which doesn't sound very auspicious but it was a good night with much dancing and catching up with friends old and new -and an encounter with someone from a previous life, something good, someone with whom it was good to reconnect.

Saturday brought lessons and a computer repair job. I hadn't done that for many years and then after sorting out a pupil's Mac she has been recommending me to people. This was the usual 'my laptop has become very very slow'. On checking it, trying to run a browser, MS Word and a couple of other things on 2 GB memory in these times wasn't going to be blazing fast in the best of cases. Then, looking into it, I begin to find start up items for the infamous MacHelper and Genieo -of course the machine was slow. It is often said by mac fans (like myself, although I'm not remotely as.. ardent as I used to be) that there are no viruses for the Mac and this is technically true -but there is quite a bit of malware out there, that often relies on our being off guard or on the same sort of instinct that tells us that our numbers will win, this week it is going to happen. Or that the nice man from the email really is going to give us a few hundred thousand pounds if we keep that couple of million for him, we only have to give him these advance and our bank details.

I left the computer half way through sorting it out, having replaced the slow spin hard disk for an SSD and having 8 GB to replace the original 2 later. Went to some birthday drinks at the Camden Black Heart -I've said this before, I'm off rock pubs. Anywhere where you have to shout to get heard and strain to hear what the other party says is not a place I want to stay long. Ok, so I'm getting old. From there I went to Yesterday's Shadow at the Pack and Carriage and danced a bit and conversed some more. On Sunday I had my nightmare lesson, which I survived ok, then a lovely little gathering for Sunday roast with people at the Water Rats. I didn't know most of the people but it was a very good afternoon. Came back to try the 8GB again (it hadn't worked the first time, not a good idea to try to do this kind of thing at 3:00 am after a night out) and this time it worked. Good thing I don't have to get up early on Mondays and work early.
Indeed, many things.

There was a wedding, several birthdays, the usual lessons, a club night, a Sunday outing to Crossness Pumping station and a Sunday evening roast and beer with friends at a pub.

The wedding was that of Robert Cowlin (of the Terminal Gods) and Jo Tapper. I only went to the reception, at Electrowerks (the site of the Slimelight). I had far more fun then than I'd had at any of the recent times I'd been to the Slimes. Pictures here. On Saturday there was also [ profile] dj_alexander's birthday in Greenwich. Good catch up with people although karaoke is really not my thing. Of course I didn't go there to sing but to say happy birthday and share in the celebration -there are some pictures here. After that and one stop-over somewhere else I went to Reptile where I danced a lot and stayed until 2:30 more or less.

On Sunday I met with [ profile] squirmelia and friends to go to Crossness Pumping Station. Who would have thought that a Sunday outing to a sewer works could be so much fun and so interesting -it is an old Victorian building, more like a church (or a cathedral, even) than what anybody's idea of a sewer works would be. So, this was a kind of crap day in a very good way.

In the evening I met with a lovely group of people at the North by NorthWest pub (used to be the North Pole, now it's Hitchcock themed, with a wax figure of the egregious man, stuffed crows everywhere and a couple of model aeroplanes and director chairs hanging from the ceiling. I ended up playing Scrabble, which I'm rubbish at -but my team won, how about that.

A good weekend, if a bit busy!
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( Nov. 23rd, 2015 11:20 am)
Another week-end sailed by almost too fast to notice. This time I didn't go out much, only to Tanz Macabre on Friday. Spent the rest of the time mostly indoors, reading and practising a few things I intend to play in those two little gigs in January. Let's see what the week brings...
On Friday, after lessons, there was Tufguitar, the meeting of (some of my) adult pupils at the Rustique Café to play together, as they do once a month. This went quite well, enjoyable for all people concerned with the possible exception of the couple at a nearby table who couldn't look more annoyed at us.

Saturday had more stuff happening. Our friend Nicole Raine was in town for only a couple of days, having been in Paris the night before and she and [ profile] andyravensable having been rather worryingly near to the site of the tragic events of that night -a group of friends went to meet her at Garlic & Shots; it was a lovely encounter of friends old and new -but had at least three other things to go to, knowing I wouldn't be able to make more than two.

Next stop was Big Red for Federica's birthday drinks. I am not that keen on rock pubs, as I have mentioned before, but it was a good little party; being at the back of the pub mitigated somewhat the roar from the covers band at the front. From there I went to Reptile; it was Arif's and Pete Maxdmyz's birthday so I felt I had to be there. I was, and had a very good time, but also aware that I was missing out on the gig at the Slimelight, in which I had friends in two bands and would have liked to attend.

Next day, apart from a nightmarish early lesson, brought something different: my artist friend Maya Ramsey was involved in the jazz festival in the South Bank, as one of her recent works had been a wall rubbing of the wallpaper in Jimi Hendrix's London flat, flat in which G F Händel had also lived previously (like, two hundred years previously..) and she had been involved in the preparation of Traces, a show based on those wallpaper rubbings. Not a genre of music that I normally go out of my way to listen to, but a very good evening nonetheless, some interesting music, new people met and interesting conversations had.
The week-end had the big shadow of the incidents in Paris over it -and the reaction of the media and of people, mainly on Twitter and Facebook (and, in one case, in person, where a friend of a friend started having a go at the refugees and the old 'there's too many of them lot over here already', as if not aware that she hadn't been talking to somebody who, albeit in very different circumstances, started life 'out there'). But all that came later.

Thursday evening I went to the Gothsluts weekly meeting, this time at the Angel in Bermondsey. A Sam Smith pub, it seemingly has many strange rules of the house that I wasn't aware of. First the Italian guy at the bar (I think he's the manager, he seemed to be in charge) stopped me short when I spoke to him in Italian, 'speake in Englishe, the customer over there (points at a customer at the bar) could think we're talking about him'. I refrained to mention that the pointing thing was more rude than any imaginary offence for not understanding what other people were saying. Rules of the company, he said.

I had gone to the pub straight from a lesson so I had a guitar. Dylan wanted to have a go so we brought the guitar out of the case -and the same Italian member of staff came and told us. We weren't allowed to make any sort of music in the house. Rules of the company, he said. Ooh kay then. The booze is cheap there, the food is cheap and ok, the view of the riverside is lovely but I don't think I'll be voting for that pub for the meetings again.

The company was excellent, though.
On Friday mr [ profile] lproven was celebrating his birthday at a pub in Chiswick, the so I went. The pub was ok, made me think a little bit of the Pembury Tavern for some reason -certainly not for the variety of ales on pat, mind. It was ok and it was a good gathering, though. I had occasion to remind Liam of how he embarrassed me in the summer at Infest, embarrassing him in turn so perhaps we're quits. Ok, I'll never forgive him.. :D

Saturday brought about [ profile] dj_alexander's and Liz's wedding in faraway Bexley, which was a good party if, for a party of goths, not a goth party at all. Made it on time for the last train back to Charing Cross with, again, [ profile] lproven, which was good. Once home I phoned (on Skype) [ profile] maragotika to say happy birthday.. ended up going to bed at 4. My photos of the reception are here.

Sunday came with the most challenging guitar lesson of the week -after that, shattered, I staggered to the Landseer in Holloway for Sunday roast with a few friends, which was very and made up for the earlier horrors.
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( Oct. 26th, 2015 10:31 am)
... and a good week-end it was.

On Thursday there was Tufguitar: (some of) my pupils met to play at the Rustique café, as they do once a month. A very good one, had five pupils present which is good going for something like this, including a new face.

On Friday there was A New Dusk at Aces and Eights; this was a lovely night of dancing to post-punk music and catching up with friends and making a few new ones. A small basement in a bar in Tufnell Park, a lovely atmosphere, a very good night.

Saturday promised to be a bit hectic: I had lessons to do and other things, then there was the Renaissance Festival at Electrowerkz and the Gothic Valley WI's Hallowe'en party. I managed to attend both, or at least the first four or five bands at the festival, a few hours at the party and then the last couple of bands at the festival again and, again, a little bit of dancing and, again again, catching up with people. Both good, in very different ways. I still missed a couple of things that were going on, mainly Shenanigans which -oops, I forgot it was that evening. Sorry Sal and Zeke... I don't think they missed me, though; all reports were of a very good night there.

This is half term week so no school. Today, a couple of lessons and meeting a friend for coffee (me, she doesn't do coffee much) and book exchange. On which topic, just finished Charlie Stross's 'Merchant Princes' trilogy -very very good, gripping story that I read almost in one sitting but with a rather rushed ending with some loose ends left. He must have had a lot of fun writing this -it takes place (and was written) in the mid 2000's in the aftermath of 9/11 and he gets to have G W Bush die in a nuclear attack, replaced by Dick Cheney who, in the story, is in league with a cartel of drug smugglers from a parallel Earth. Ok, that's kind of a spoiler but you weren't going to read it anyway, were you. And the story is much more complex than that. I don't think he can write a follow up book to the series, given all the things in it that have become anachronic. More's the pity.
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( Sep. 14th, 2015 07:24 pm)
Another week-end went past.

Friday is better left unmentioned.

Saturday was better but had a sting in the tail for me. Still, dancing and catching up at Reptile was good. In the afternoon I'd met a friend at the Rustique Café in Tufnell Park and spent a very pleasant couple of hours catching up and sipping coffee in the garden.w

Sunday was the [ profile] bibliogoth meeting, discussing Michael Marshall Smith's 'Only Forward'. This was an interesting discussion over a book that, as I have mentioned already, I fully expected to hate and ended up loving. Also, that passage..

Today would have been normally a school teaching day at St Al's in Highgate, but they changed my timetable from very convenient Mondays to very very inconvenient "Fridays. Bah. So, I spent this rainy Monday indoors, practising Bach's Chaconne (I have two pupils playing it at the moment so I thought I better play it; it is quite a difficult, challenging piece and a fantastic finger work-out as well as being a beautiful work) and reading again 'Wild Swans' by Jung Ching, at the instigation (not the right word..) of my friend Jennie WOLJ who is reading it atm. Amazing book and terrific but also terrifying accounts of life in China throughout the 20th Century for three generations of women. I'd read it many many years ago in one sitting and i'm pretty much discovering it anew again as I'd forgotten it all.
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( Sep. 7th, 2015 07:44 pm)
Week end was fantastic fun ending, as it sometimes does, with a a strange come-down which is only the product of my own mind. Friday I went to [ profile] caveynik's Dead & Buried upstairs of the Archway Tavern -had a lot of fun, danced and talked with a lot of people. Didn't take a camera but still took a few pictures with the phone, which are somewhere on Facebook. Saturday brought the Hampstead Alternative Picnic -photos here. In the evening I went with Jennie to Luton to Club After-Life/September Forever; which was reasonably good. A little dance and, in my case, only drink as I was driving and before 1:30 we headed back to London.

Sunday was the Alternative Bring & Buy and lunch with Jennie Ikin at Lalibela, the Ethiopian restaurant in Tufnell Park. Later, return there to Aces & Eights for the after-party of the AB&B and final bit of [ profile] londonjon's birthday, which was a lot of fun and reminded me of a good Sunday evening at the old Dev.

Monday has been generally horrible, as Mondays are wont to.
A week end of many parts, most of them good.

Friday was a strange day. I was feeling down and lonely, for various reasons but especially one which will not go in this story. Had nothing planned for that evening and wandered around for hours, walking seemingly having some sort of calming or restoring effect when I feel like that -walked past the Unicorn on Camden Road where there was a punk gig but didn't much like the environment so walked on to Big Red, which was empty -it was too early. Walked yet further down to check out the new location of the 12 Bar Club but didn't go in. Back at the Big Red, a friend turned up and chatted with her about entropy and the pointlessness of existence (maybe I'm hanging out with goths a bit too much) until at some point some other friends and people I know turned up -and it turned out an excellent evening. Made it back around 2:30 or so.

The following day brought about, apart from a couple of lessons, a visit to the Bart's Bazaar Macabre Market at St Bart's Hospital. Didn't buy anything and didn't take pictures but it was a very good outing. I do have to say that seeing all those pathology exhibits just makes me think of how much suffering they brought to their bearers, but it was very interesting -the market itself was small but interesting, full of lovely trinkets although none that really really caught me enough to buy. In the evening, it was Dylan's birthday at Garlic & Shots. There'll be pictures of that but for now, just a very short video of him extolling the virtues of a German Curry Energy Drink..

From there they went on to Decadence but I went to see the Terminal Gods at the Slimelight. Wasn't taken by the two opening bands I saw but the T Gods were very good. I heard some people criticising their music as derivative and.. well, I suppose it is, a little bit, and their influences are very very clear, but there is nothing really wrong with that when they do their stuff so well and I enjoyed it a lot. Took many pictures, I may put up some somewhere.

On Sunday met with Jennie at the Satanic Flea Market, had a browse and generally a good time (good to see [ profile] mister_ed and Natasha) but again I felt that although there were lovely and interesting things none caught me enough to actually buy. We went next door to Raizes, the Brazilian restaurant next door. Had a good feijoada and arroz carreteiro and we shared a Caipirinha -it was a bit early for that sort of thing but it was nice. Later, we went for a walk down the South Bank. I always enjoy just that feeling of soaking London in, walking past the Globe or the Royal Festival Hall. We stopped at the Real Food Market for a cider and then each went home. Turned out to be a rather good week-end in the end.


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