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( Jul. 28th, 2017 11:51 am)
Played a little local summer garden concert last night, something that was becoming a bit of a local tradition for me and the people concerned here in Kentish Town/Tufnell Park but I hadn't done last year because of the accident. Interesting that a lot of people who were coming and looking forward to it, etc, didn't. Luckily other people did. I think it went reasonably well, although playing in the open on a day like yesterday -with gusts of wind, temperature dropping, etc- was a bit of a chore at times, with frozen sticky fingers...

One thing that I used to do at some point but I never quite know how to 'sell' is the idea of the house recital: sit fifteen or twenty people in a living room (sounds like a lot but a normal living room can hold twenty people ok without them being too cosy, on folding chairs or similar), give them a guitar concert with a glass of wine in the interval, charge them twenty quid and give half of that to a local charity. It is a lovely idea and something that works very well with classical guitar.. everybody comes out happy, I get a little bit of money (which for a freelance musician/music teacher ..) and a local charity gets a little bit of support. But I'm hopeless at actually persuading people that it is a good idea to host one of these...
That's Flavio playing Sunburst at a house recital a couple of years ago ('Thanksgiving Recital At Maria's')

Two of my pupils are studying this piece so I thought I'd put up a version of me playing it.

Amazingly, somebody apparently claims copyright on this, even though the composer died one hundred and eighty years ago and this work is in countless public domain editions and arrangements. I contested the claim, interesting to see what happens next -whether some obscure multinational monster is going to crush me because of a little guitar study piece by a long dead composer.

A short excerpt from Koshkin's 'Usher Waltz', after the Edgar Allan Poe's story, 'Fall of the House of Usher'. I'll be playing this piece amongst others tomorrow (17-02-17) at this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/402596263407603/

A take at home of me playing Manuel M. Ponce's Prelude No 2 in A minor, one of the 24 he wrote for Segovia.

Another one of the short Preludes that Manuel Ponce wrote for Segovia.

A take of Bach's Chaconne at home sometime before the accident. A few bloopers in the performance remain, but I hope not too bad.

Me playing Leo Brouwer's 'Zapateado' in recital at the Kentish Town City Farm earlier in January. Thank you again [livejournal.com profile] arkady for coming to see me and for the video!

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( Jan. 27th, 2016 10:45 pm)
A reminder that I'm doing this this coming Friday:

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( Jan. 27th, 2016 10:39 pm)
A reminder that I'm doing this this coming Friday:

Thursday, the [livejournal.com profile] londongothsluts meeting at North Nineteen, saying a temporary farewell to [livejournal.com profile] boxcat and [livejournal.com profile] myz_lilith and, for me, a long conversation that was a window into somebody's soul -but, alas, cannot go any further. Friday brought meeting Tasha at Ruby Violet for lovely ice cream, followed by visit and sortie to the Pineapple with friend -she is considering taking up the guitar -and there might be a good guitar teacher near. After that, Metalchrome for a bit, and share vodka & tonics without vodka (or was it gin & tonic without gin? Is there a conceptual difference?) with [livejournal.com profile] djpsyche who it is always good to see. Saturday was a bit hectic, with lessons, [livejournal.com profile] origamitiger and Stjon's BBQ, another engagement and finally Reptile, which was a very good night. After three hours' sleep, I got up early to be picked up a pupil to go to the West Dean Classical Guitar Course and Festival near Chichester. It was a lovely but intense day and it was made to feel much longer after those scant three hours of sleep.

Next week-end should be a little more sedate. And then comes Infest.
A quick take of Bach's 'Double' from Suite BWV 997. A few rough edges (and yes, you can hear me breathing, etc) but hopefully listenable.
A reminder that I'm playing a concert at the Kentish Town City Farm next Thursday the 26th at 7:30 pm. More details here:


It would be good to see some of you there.
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( Mar. 12th, 2015 11:29 am)
Doing this recital in Kentish Town on the 26th, in case anybody here might be interested:

The programme will include Brouwer's 'Paisaje Cubano con Campanas', Barrios' 'La Catedral', Bach's Suite BWV 996, Dyen's 'Tango en Skye', York's 'Sunburst' and pieces by Riera and Lauro.



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