Another day, another train. On my way to Watford, this time to fix [ profile] redd_foxx's laptop.

We're at that tipping point of the summer when we realise how silly it is to complain about the heat when there's only a few weeks left of this before we go back to the normal grey and gloom of London. I do intend to make the most of it and have a good moan about how hot it is while I can! :)

Week-end: party blah blah, Tanze Makabre on Friday, Watford Blake's reunion on Saturday, Beata's birthday drinks later on Saturday, picnic in Ally Pally on Sunday -there are pictures of most of these in the usual channels (that'd be my FB).

Having amazingly vivid dreams and forgetting them as soon as I wake up, trying in vain to hold on to the slipping strands of those vanishing worlds as they go and I reach out to check the time and decide whether it's time to get up or whether it's just my bladder early morning call (these things happen more often as you get older...)


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