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( May. 9th, 2017 07:51 am)
There still seems to be a sort of Rapturist view of politics for some people in which we don't get the options we want so we walk out and don't vote for a Macron or a Hillary because they're evil too, even if the alternative is so so much more evil... I've come across a few examples of this recently and don't quite understand it...
@GreekAnalyst on Twitter:
Brexit 52-48: "Clear, decisive victory."
Trump 46-48: "The people have spoken."
Macron 66-34: "OMG France is so divided."

At least the fascists didn't win.

If only the UK would take an example of that.
Opened the Youtube app in my TV, which I had never done. Couldn't be bothered to log in letter-by-letter with the TV's remote so just had a browse. It's an eye opener. The documentary and tech sections are full of the Ancient Hidden Wisdom of the Pyramids, the Antigravity Spacecraft that the USA manufactured using alien technology, General Flynn's Was A Political Assassination, Secrets of Area 51, Massive Lake of Molten Carbon Under US and a whole lot of other stuff like that. I'm not surprised now that people voted for Trump, for Brexit. I don't think Youtube moulds public opinion like that but it will confirm people's biases and wild beliefs, supporting them with a deep authoritative voice off screen and CGI or carefully edited footage.
Maybe I should use this Dreamwidth account a bit more, given all the vagaries regarding the situation and future of Livejournal. It's

ION, finally saw a bit of that press conference yesterday. Only a bit because I found it both cringe-worthy and blood chilling.
On an early morning train to Watford for my school teaching day there. Still dark at 7:40 am, me no likes. People with long faces reading those free papers with lurid headlines. Scary to think that all those morning people on the train may derive their views on the world fr the free tabloid newspapers they’re reading.

I need more coffee. Good morning.


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