There is a very Strong smell of Stables here.... 
(but, actually, horsesh*t would smell much nicer than all this peddling of hate)
Came back from excellent gig by The Eden House; casually browse my bank accounts on line and check a pre-paid  cashplus card I keep for buying extra trinkets and stuff  of that sort (I don't have or want a credit card, I got badly stung with those), in which I had a hundred quid. Had. There appear a number of transactions in places I've never been, for the sum total of every penny there was in it. Now I have to go through the hassle of trying to sort that out. Bah. Shame, it'd been an excellent evening. thus far.
Doesn't this sound to you like only a slight aggiornamento of the good old 'you be good to us and we be good to you otherwise bad things could happen when we send the enforcers...' old Mafia protection warning?

And what would you do if you get the letter?


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