That's Flavio playing Sunburst at a house recital a couple of years ago ('Thanksgiving Recital At Maria's')

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( Apr. 19th, 2017 06:33 pm)
South Bank one afternoon in spring #afternoon #thames #southbank #spring
South Bank one afternoon in spring #afternoon #thames #southbank #spring
A friend of many years in Vz, somebody I used to sing and play protest songs with at youth rallies in the barrios in Caracas, sent me (on Whatsapp, which I hate) a link to a video of Inti-Illimani (the Chilean protest song band who had to flee Chile after the Pinochet coup in which over 50,000 people died) singing 'El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido'. My reply is on the entry to my reborn LJ en español now in DW and where I have exactly one reader. Watching that video gave me a bad case of longing... for certainties about the inexorable march of progress, the betterment of humankind and the hope for justice, freedom, all those big dreams. It is an unfinished piece as I was writing it on a phone, something I hate doing in any sort of long format. TBC, for sure....

This is my DW en español entry and the video:


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