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( Dec. 13th, 2016 07:28 am)
It would seem that I most likely update my LJ while on that train to Watford at unfeasibly early hours on Tuesdays. This might mean I may forget to update for the Christmas period. OTOH, I reckon only two people (maybe three) still read this so the masses are not going to be clamouring for my absent writing.

As life goes on and time passes, it seems to get more bizarre in many ways and at many scales. Apart from the incredible mess that the political world situation at large seems to have got to, with its various apocalyptic threats that seem to be for the most part the product of human stupidity, at a personal level I begin to feel the passing of time -I still party and enjoy it but after two or three hours I've had enough and feel like bailing out. No all nighters for me ever again, I suspect. I need expensive dental treatment and probably expensive eye treatment as well. I've been prescribed blood pressure tablets. My hearing is not as acute as it.. well, never was, but still. It's taken three quarters of a year to recover from that bicycle accident and I'm still not wholly mended. I still fall in love with people that can never correspond -but these days I'm painfully aware from the start that there is zero chance of a relationship forming.

'...but you have us, all your friends, around you, you're not alone', said she. It felt like too much effort to reply to that -and of course it is true, anyway, but, but but... pero, comunque, however...

Life goes on. I think of my friend who I haven't spoken with for many years now and now I never will. In the meantime, life does indeed go on. Thinking of preparing a short recital for late January or, more likely, early February. Wondering whether I can do this slightly differently: charge five or six pounds but only sell tickets online. Maybe ask for people to donate whatever they think this would be worth instead of a fixed fee (although this could of course come back to bite me). I think I have a pretty, short programme (notice the comma) I want to play. Thirty five, forty minutes of guitar. Ideas about this (and possible venues) welcome, by the way, but bear in mind that if it is a general suggestion ('I think you should...') rather than something concretely helpful ('I've got this venue and I can talk to the people there...') I've probably thought about it, tried and discarded it or otherwise.
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( Jun. 12th, 2016 12:30 pm)
Three months on, I still have to wear that splint.

A week ago I was getting ready to leave the house on Friday night, was thinking that perhaps I didn't really need to still be wearing that thing, my hand hadn't been hurting for a couple of days. Then, pulling my boots up I get a stab of pain -like the first day after the bike incident.

At least I can play guitar now, although there are many things that I still cannot do or that make my hand hurt.

No summer concerts this year, I think. Shame. Will see whether I can prepare a programme to play in September/October.

Was looking forward to working with a singer that wanted to do stuff together but she seems to have lost interest. Shame, as she has a lovely voice and good ideas.
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( May. 13th, 2016 11:39 pm)
Funny this should look like the 'quiet' week-end to come that I'd been hoping for for a few weeks in which my week-ends had been so full of things, when over half the people I know are in Leipzig for the WGT living it large. Tonight, a brief birthday meet for a friend at the new incarnation of CCK in Warren Street, tomorrow another brief birthday drinks for another friend. Will probably not do anything more than that this week-end.

Wrist slowly getting better, but still find that playing can be awkward and at times painful, in surprising ways -not necessarily playing difficult things but just finding myself putting my hand in a position it doesn't like. It does seem to finally be getting on its way to getting better, which is at least something.

Have not practised those Thomas Campion songs that I should be preparing for R.D. for a couple of days -she wasn't able to meet this week as she was unwell; I clearly need the pressure in order to work. The version I have has the original English tablature (letter for frets instead of numbers, 'a' is practically identical to 'd', etc) which I find difficult to read -my eyesight is not getting better. The version on two clefs would be quite a job (double transposition, etc, the very reading on two clefs on a guitar, etc) so I've transcribed a few of the songs to modern tab and may write them in music, guitar style (assuming open guitar tuning rather than real pitch, to facilitate the reading) so I can quickly read and play it.

So, an unusual Friday, a QNI, with Attenborough speaking softly from the telly in the distant background while I do other stuff...
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( May. 2nd, 2016 12:15 pm)
Eventful week-and-a-half. Had doctor's appointment last Wednesday, the results of the MRI scan were back. It turns out that part of the problem was that, unbeknownst to me and without symptoms thus far, I turned out to have an incipient arthritis in my wrist. If I understood correctly, the two things (arthritis lurking in the background and the trauma and damage resulting from the accident) made each other worse.

It does look like I'll have to be doing those physiotherapy exercises for quite a while. I'm beginning to be able to play, at least, but now and again my hand falls in a position it doesn't like and gives me a severe shooting pain warning..


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