I must be one of the few people still using Google Plus. There are a few peeps there that are not on FB or LJ/DW; I also follow a few communities (mostly on classical guitar, science-fiction, pop science… I’m predictable like that. One feed I read is that of NASA. It is nearly always interesting but I have to refrain from reading the comments. Why does NASA seem to get more than the usual share of crackpots, conspiracy theorists and just plain loonies? One interface detail I definitely don’t like about G+ is the way it shows a comment at a time, then the next one, in succession. This draws your eyes in and makes it difficult, at least for me, to avoid looking at the wacko comments by said crackpots, conspiracy theorists and loonies. There still are people around that believe that ‘all of it’ (space exploration, modern science, etc) is a hoax made up by the System to keep them subjugated. No idea how that is supposed to work but TBH I can’t be all that bothered to find out how a mind like that works.

Amongst several interesting feeds I follow there, one that stands out is Open Culture (they also have a web site here -just in case :)
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( May. 19th, 2013 11:20 pm)
The new look of Google Plus on the desktop gives me headaches. It is a horrid mess, just like in the mobile application which I had stopped using for precisely the same reason. The intention seems to be to make it into a sort of magazine a la Flipboard but it doesn't work for me and could be enough for me to stop using it altogether. Still figuring it out, other things seem to have changed in the way it works -at first it would not filter to my different circles but give me a sort of global feed on the chosen category; this seemed to get fixed but not sure how I did, which is always a bad sign. Oh well, so much for the facebook killer.

[ edit ] Ah, so it has a button at the very bottom of the 'More' menu to change the three pane setting to one. Doesn't cure all ills but it makes it readable for me. Yes, it's there but it was kind of hidden. I'd missed it when I was looking for something like that yesterday -if it was there all along.
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( Feb. 21st, 2012 06:15 am)
Google plus seemed like a good idea: at the least, some balance to the omnipoly (yes, I know that's not a word) by Facebook and its manners. Unfortunately, it's turning out to be not much better than FB in several respects -I don't like the 'suggestions', some random stranger's posts suddenly appearing in my timeline because G+ 'thought' I might like them. The insistence on pushing me to add/invite my entire address book (because my friends need spam from me, of course). The whole 'nym wars thing didn't bother me much and didn't affect me personally but it wasn't a good sign. And of course it is incomplete. Picasa and Google calendars don't replace the photo and event functionality in FB -especially when there are only a handful of the people you know in it. But most of all, their policies don't seem to be that much better than Mr Zuckerberg's.

I'm not going to close my account any time soon, it is useful and allows me to keep in contact with some interesting people (and groups of people) I do not communicate with elsewhere and I like some of the ideas in its design, but it's not going to replace FB any time soon. Shame -I do believe Facebook needs competition.
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( Jul. 10th, 2011 11:46 am)
Google+ does seem to be taking off very quickly. Or perhaps it's the fact that I hang out with geeks -and goth geeks at that- who may be more likely to be unhappy with the failings of Facebook (especially regarding privacy, etc) and willing to explore alternatives. In any case, in a couple of days I find that a substantial number of people I know are on G+ already, with more appearing all the time. For a clearly as yet somewhat experimental and unfinished product that is very impressive. It might not follow the fate of Googlewave after all. We'll see..


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