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WalkawayWalkaway by Cory Doctorow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It took me a little bit to get into the world of the book, but once it grabbed me I couldn’t let go until I finished it. The high-tech near-future world of the book is in the hands of a few mega-rich and the rest struggle to survive. Four young people decide to join the ‘walk-aways’, people who leave mainstream society and set out on their own. The strife that follows, as well as the main cause of that strife (which you only find out half-way through the book) defines the plot of the book. Some of it really stretches your suspension of disbelief to almost breaking point but it all is quite well done and holds together. The main characters are well drawn, believable for the most part. I enjoyed this book a lot.

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Well, work continues to be exhausting so things with Dino have not been as well planned as one would hope. We still haven’t managed to go hacking which is super frustrating, but I’m hopeful we might manage it soon! I can’t wait to get back out. There’s a new livery at the yard who might be up for some mooching so maybe we can work something out soon. We have been working in the field a bit still though which is a bit of a break from the school at least

His regular Pessoa sessions, annoying though he finds them, are really helping though! Claudia came to visit today and she agrees he is carrying himself better than he was last year and moving quite well, although you can still see the stiffness in his hips and he could be more forward. We hopped a tiny jump today as someone had left one up in the arena and he was super keen and bouncy for it though which is really good. I need to find the time to start scheduling in a proper polework and jumps session each week!

The other problem we’ve had recently that’s new is that his lower legs are getting bitten to fuck by horrible blood sucking tiny black flies *cries*. I managed to find some fly-specific turnout boots at Ingatestone yesterday though and he kept them on last night so hopefully that will solve the problem for the moment and this fly season will end soon. Poor poppet. I think maybe I need to stop using super friendly fly spray and just get some damned DEET.

Right, let’s actually make a plan this week then shall we?

Monday – Pessoa, with some ST afterwards [Pessoa atm: 1 min walk, 6 mins trot each rein]

Tuesday – Flatwork schooling

Wednesday – Pessoa, with some ST

Thursday – Polework/jumpies

Friday – Day off!

Saturday – Pessoa, with some ST

Sunday – Hack, even if it’s just round the fields again.

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I'm so Dizzy, my head is spinning.

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Marks and Spencer and the National Autistic Society have launched a school uniform range aimed at the parents of autistic children. Note that I say aimed at the parents of autistic children, rather than aimed at autistic children. All the blurb is to do with how easy it is to put on, and how hardwearing it is. The subtext is that it's designed for kids who can't dress themselves. This is clearly aimed at parents.

The other way you can tell that actually autistic people were not involved in this is that if you ask any autistic person what is most important for them in clothing they will tell you it's the fabric it's made of. Many autistic people have comorbid eczema, and a lot of those that don't have sensory issues, which mean that fabric and texture are hugely important in clothing. Something that is in contact with your skin all day needs to be made of something non-irritating; that almost always means 100% natural fibres. Cotton, or bamboo, or silk, or modal. Sometimes wool, but sometimes not. NEVER SODDING POLYESTER. And some of the clothes in that M&S range are 65% polyester. And of course it's very wearying that the only clothing specifically designed to be worn by autistic people is school uniform, because nobody of above school age is autistic, and no autistic child ever wears non-uniform clothing. AND they've "removed pockets for comfort". I have never known an autistic person who didn't want MORE pockets, as long as they are made from 100% natural fibre too.

So what would clothing for autistic people actually look like? Well, from the conversation on twitter today:
  1. Clear, obvious fabric labelling on the rack/shelf. While most of us just want everything 100% cotton, some of us prefer other natural fabrics like linen, and some actively prefer viscose or modal. Some of us can cope with silk or wool, some can't. Every single one of us, though, would like to see fabrics clearly, obviously labelled on the rack, without having to go hunting through the clothes for a tiny illegible care label.

  2. No polyester. Not even a little bit. Not ever. No, not even in linings.

  3. Linings are important! Linings are the bit that is actually in contact with your skin, so they need to be all natural fibres too. Note, though, that this does not mean you can take a garment made out of something horrible and line it with cotton and it will be OK - outer fabrics need to be touchable too.

  4. Care labels to be made of the same fabric as the clothing, not scratchy plastic.

  5. Elastic to be covered with the fabric the clothes are made of, not left to be in contact with your skin.

  6. Flat seams! Or even NO seams!

  7. For Cthulhu's sake, SOMEBODY make some bras we can wear! It is really, really, incredibly difficult to get hold of cotton bras, to the extent that I have considered making my own. And even if/when you DO find them, they are covered in non-cotton frills and lace and fripperies. And have stupid care labels made of plastic right in the middle of your back.

  8. Comfort and fit are much much more important than being on trend. I saw an article the other day that low slung waist trousers are coming back into fashion and actually cried.

  9. Moar pockets, on everything, especially women's clothes - but again, made of the same fabric as the actual clothing

  10. Stop saying things are "cotton touch" or "cotton feel" or "cotton rich". All this does is bugger up searching for cotton things. And actually, make your website searchable by fabric. That would be amazing.
And a clothing store for autistic people?
  1. Would be lit sensibly, not with migraine-inducing lighting.

  2. Would have the afore-mentioned obvious, clear clothing labels on the shelf/rack.

  3. Would sort by size and colour as well as style.

  4. Would have assistants that wait to be approached rather than badgering you the second you enter the shop.

  5. Would not have music at all (many many autistic people love music, but find music that they don't like intensely irritating; whatever music you play some of us will like and some won't) and would ideally have sound baffling so that other people's conversations are not intrusive.

  6. Would open from (say) 12 till 8, rather than 9 to 5. Autistic people are more likely than others to have odd sleep patterns and/or working hours.
Now, if some kind banker or venture capitalist would like to give me a wad of cash to make this a reality... And to M&S and the NAS... I do appreciate that you're trying, and I don't wish to appear ungrateful, but if you consulted any actually autistic people in fomulating that clothing range it's not immediately obvious. Please, please, bear in mind the priorities of actually autistic people, not the parents of autistic children, when making clothing that the autistic people are actually meant to wear. Remember the phrase: nothing about us without us. Thank you.
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Friday 3rd August: Castlefest

It was so lovely to returned to Castlefest , after a few years break. The layout had changed a bit and it just keep getting bigger and better. This year we actually spent time in and watched bands in most of the areas. Loved the mixture of fantasy, steampunks, goths, furry, tribals, re-enactors, Larpers, Vikings, trolls and casuals. Band wise that day we watch Astidir, Theodor Bastard (we discovered them in WGT ) Emian, Seed and Cuelebre. In between catching up with friends and wandering around the different areas, so many lovely stands, the game tent, battle demos, dance workshops, theatre, storytelling, gardens …

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Sunday 5th August: Castlefest

The sunniest day, bandwise that day it was mostly bands we have seen many times before like the Dolmen (amusingly on same ferry as us returning home), Rapalje , Theodor Bastard and Rastaban. As a result spend more times chattering with friends , playing old fashion games and those last minute shopping.

Outfit details

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On Saturday 12th, I loaded the car and set course for Leeds, as I'd volunteered to do a DJ set for BiCon 2017. Arrival, loadout, help set up the venue, shower, change, back down in time for the ball (with thanks for Fred for feeding me, as I'd missed a step in my plans!), enjoy sets by Katy and Lucy of DJ Frabjous, and then onto the decks. The venue was, to say the least, quite warm. OK, it was baking up there on the stage, and I was dripping by about half an hour into my set. Although that may also have had something to do with the stage being large enough to dance properly behind the decks.

The ball's theme was 'A Beach Ball', resulting in some varied decorations (and some remote-controlled helium fish), and some inspired costumes (which included the first time I'd seen a beach hut waltz to 'The Impossible Dream').

With the planned end of my set coming up, the organiser re-arranged the schedule so I could keep going for another half hour. And then the bar staff announced that they'd be open for longer than we'd thought they would be, and I could add another half hour (which explains the slight false stop and the sudden grab for any CD to keep things going).

So, what did I play for two, no, two-and-a-half, no, three hours? (Some of the tracks were drawn from, or in other cases, vaguely influenced by, the extensive crowd-sourced Spotify request list that attendees had added to in advance - although quite a few of those might have got played anyway. Others were entirely my fault.)

2200-0100 )

And thank you to the dancefloor, for trusting their DJ, and keeping going to tracks they'd probably not encountered before, like Heartsrevolution or Ferocious Dog.
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Missed a few nice ones...from phone

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Saturday 4th August: Castlefest

Whilst waiting for the burning, the heaven open, we got very soaked but luckily Corvus Corvax loud noises made it stopped

Music wise at Castlefest this year highlight and discovery was Heilung. I liked what I heard online but I wasn’t quite prepared for it live..OMG…they have never even played live before and headline a festival. So glad they somehow did ,what a show! Reminded me of the first time I saw Rosa Crux , i felt part of a ritualistic, something special, goosebump and chill down my spine type of gig . A mix of tribals, Mongolian throat singing, drumming, Vikings, shaman, singer-priestess in white, bones, antlers, chants, shouts, trance, and more. If you like Dead Can Dance , Rosa Crux , Wardruna …check them out!!!!!!!
Even the CD is full of symbols, runes, dark imagery , artwork project and a very silly price but god it is good and dark….

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Saturday 4th August: Castlefest 

This was the busiest day both band wise I wanted to see and for outfits. Amazing gigs by Heilung & Corvus Corvax, also enjoyed Rastaban and Ran & Kraft. The Wicker Ritual Burning, watch La Rosa D’Acciao battle, full scale dragons were wandering around, the absinth fairies stall was as always so pretty. Whilst waiting for the burning, the heaven open, we got very soaked but luckily Corvus Corvax loud noises made it stopped. It was cold but whoaaa Heilung was just spine shivering experience. Great day but gosh I was happy to remove all the wigs and attachments from my head after over 14 hours of wearing them…gone quite wonky by the end.

Usual morning shot before going

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A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes, #1)A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When reading my first ever Sherlock Holmes story I wasn't expecting a Western, complete with horses, desert, Mormons and six-shooters, to jump out of the book and take over one third of the story. I felt it was a bit meandering and also that the only character that was credible and felt like a human being rather than a plot device in the book was Watson. The resolution of the drama is, alas, predictable once you know where it's going. Holmes comes across (at least to me) as a rather unpleasant, arrogant character but done in somewhat thick brushstrokes. I enjoyed the book to a fair extent but cannot say it was my favourite or that it entices me to read more Sherlock Holmes stories.

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If there's anything you want to say to me after BiCon, feel free to do so here. Comments are screened and will remain so.
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I saw this first in [personal profile] emmelinemay's FB timeline. As current now (or even more so, when the violence and hatred of the few is blamed on 'many sides, many sides' instead of those who profit and thrive in hatred and violence) as when it was made in the '40s.

US War Dept film fr 1943 - reissued 1947


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