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Despite the heat we are making some progress I think. He’s getting calmer about saddling using the clicker to reinforce not nipping or puffing out behaviour. He’s standing much better to be groomed although his leg waving habit is very ingrained and will take a while to stop. He walked all the way to the arena yesterday, tacked up, without stopping at any point. So I’m pleased with all these.

The nipping is beginning to come back into the ST work, which is frustrating. I need to step back and take the pressure off again but I was starting to look for 2mm improvements. I think the LFS has improved, and the shoulder in isn’t too bad. The haunches in is still pushy so we need to go one step at a time I think.

He’s enjoying the connection training work so I think once session a week purely at liberty is a good idea. On the one hand this is a bit ‘chasing too many rabbits’ but I do think he enjoys the variety and the nipping and pushing comes back if we focus too much on one thing so I think I’ll stick with it for the moment!

That's right Dino, touch the cone!

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What a week. London hit about 34 degrees this week which is too hot for me or the pony! Half Spanish he may be but he was born in Kent and really doesn’t cope with temperature over about 25 degrees. Poor thing. He came out in hives!!!! They’ve gone now but it was a bit worrying in the middle of the week. I think it just a heat reaction and he wasn’t much bothered fortunately.

So we haven’t done much actual training this week. We did have a go at some Connection Training work though, targetting a cone and sending to it and coming away. He enjoys his clicker sessions. Here’s some rubbish video:

I did also get the SLR out again and take some summer photos. He really is my favourite of all his colours at the moment. He’s mostly a sort of deep mahogany to look at but in bright sunlight he goes quite orange!

Summer Dino

Handsome chap

Yesterday it was cool enough to get the saddle out and have our third ride since April! He was really good. It’s still pretty warm but we got some reasonable transitions and a few steps of both shoulder-in and haunches-in on both reins. I feel like we’re getting back to things. Need to arrange to do some hacking though!

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I arrived in Kraków on Monday afternoon and decided to do the [community profile] flaneurs challenge III. (d), take the first left, then the second right, etc. I prefer to use the adaptation of take the first left, then take the first right, etc.

Write up and photos )
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Definitely not standing: Jo Swinson, Jamie Stone, Layla Moran, Tom Brake, Tim Farron, Alistair Carmichael, Norman Lamb
Probably not standing: Stephen Lloyd, Wera Hobhouse, Christine Jardine
Probably standing: Ed Davey
Definitely standing: Vince Cable

You'll note that Norman Lamb has moved from probably standing to definitely not standing. He announced this with rather petulant article in the Grauniad, in which (among other things) he proclaimed the Lib Dems' second referendum policy as toxic. Now I agree, it is toxic. "First we'll negotiate brexit, then we'll set up a referendum, then we'll campaign against the deal we ourselves negotiated!" is an utterly ridiculous policy. The problem is, it was only in the sodding manifesto due to the insistence of people on the rump brexity wing of the party, of which Norman Lamb is definitely one. This was as far as the rest of the party, who just wanted "we will stop brexit" to be the manifesto position, could be dragged. Policy making by committee often comes up with soggy centrist compromises, and often that's a good thing and satisfies most people, but sometimes it's patently rubbish. This time was the latter. What I don't get is Captain Brexit blaming the rest of the party for it. Well, I do. He'd like us to embrace brexit. And that is not going to happen.

Anyway, the rest of the article sticks the boot in to members in various other ways, and alludes to, but doesn't actually acknowledge, the problems autistic people have with the idea of Norman as a leader, and frankly, just makes me glad he's not standing. At least he has the self-knowledge to know he's not right to lead the party as it currently is, even if he declares it in a rather Skinnerian way.

Principal Skinner asks a pertinent question

So the only likely runner at this point undeclared is Ed Davey. And there will be siren idiots voices whispering in his ear, saying:
Don't stand, Ed. Leadership elections are expensive, Ed. They are divisive and set party members up against each other, ed. It'd be easier all round just to crown Vince, Ed. You don't want the hassle, Ed. The party doesn't want the hassle, Ed. Lets just have a coronation, Ed.
To which I say, pish, tosh, bunkum, bollocks, and bullshit.

Yes, leadership elections are divisive, and do set members up against each other, and sometimes even cause resentments. Do you know what's even more divisive, and causes even more resentments? Not letting Lib Dems have democracy. Not letting us scrutinise each candidate and come to a decision on merit. Not having hustings at which we can put questions to candidates and examine their views and records and promises. Imposing a leader on us without us having a say. I can guarantee you that while a leadership election might be divisive, it's nowhere near as divisive as a coronation.

Now, Ed Davey told one of the BBC politics correspondents (I think Norman Smith) the other day that he would declare whether or not he was standing "on Thursday or Friday". He didn't declare yesterday. I'm hoping he declares he's standing today.

And if you'd told me last month I'd be crossing my fingers for Ed Davey to run in a leadership election, I'd have thought you insane in the membrane, crazy insane, got no brain. Just goes to show what a funny old world it is...
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Friends from Wales visiting in London took me to the V&A to see the Pink Floyd exhibition. It was very much worth the £20something admission, especially as I didn't have to pay it!

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Tuesday 13 June: Madrid El Prado

Museums cost in Madrid, luckily many do a special last 2 hours free entry for EU citizens on certain days (although they did not check just queued for a bit) , so it is perfect to see a glimpse of the big museums for short trips also work in the palace).
The Prado is pretty amazing so could easily spend a few more hours there but this was a short trip so it worked perfectly for us, especially as I had prepared a short list of my must see: Goya Saturn, Witches Sabbath, El Coloso, Third of May and discovered a few more from his black series. The Bosch collection , especially Garden of Delights was just extraordinary and lovely to finally see some of those iconic Velasquez.

Afterwards we went on search for food, that is the most complicated bit in Madrid, finding food, Spanish people never seem to eat, bars are full but apart from the odd tapas it sometimes seems quite hard work to find proper menus, also very pricey for a few croquettes. Lunchtime much easier  but evening. We were trying to be on Spanish time..looking for food around 9.30pm but i guess till way too early..in the end we had to accept defeat and go for big jug of sangria and a few tapas before being back to hotel and collapse as everyone only start to head into town.

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Tuesday 13 June: Madrid El Retiro Park

That morning we caught the first tune to Heathrow to catch our mid morning flight to Madrid ( we both been to the airport a few times but never to Madrid so it was time to remedy it). then more tube to get to our little hotel in the Anton Martin area. Hard work with a big suitcase, 40+ degree and 3rd floor room with no stairs.
Finally started being tourist mid afternoon.
we went straight to visit El Retiro Park, beautiful with lake, sculptures alleys, palaces and gardens.
Beautiful Crystal Palace in the park , which is also an exhibition space and its pond is full of turtles and black swans <3
We also went to see the fountain of the Fallen angel, claimed to be the only known public monument of Satan.

Photos )
Saturday 10 June: Shirley Bassey Meet Daleks Iain 50 Birthday Party

Great party at Jake and Ian, what a marvellous multi levels gardens they created. The theme welcomed time travelling divas, cosmic beings, space captains and aliens as well as of course , Shirley Bassey and Daleks. Fittingly the basement was turned into a spaceworld dancing room (made from paper and cake plates and its own tardis) , an Egyptian cocktail room (sadly I had decided to drive back and what a full on drive it was crossing all London) . Lots of fun & fab outfits.

 photo IMG_2482.jpg

 photo IMG_2484.jpg
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Flower made from print outs of Ingress intel maps of London:

Ingress map flower
35º (according to the car), stuck in traffic for two hours, trying to get to a triple lesson that I had to cancel in the end when the car overheated and I had to pull over and just wait (at least the car held long enough to make it to the big Tesco's near Ikea before dying. There's air con in that Tesco. And cake.) . It's not the worst day I've had, by a long way, but it wasn't the best. Shower now.
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Friday 9 June : Final Retromancy

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A few photos from the last Retromancy :) Lovely to have my Cornish house guests travelling all this way for a night <3

 photo IMG_2462.jpg

 photo IMG_2463.jpg

 photo IMG_2464.jpg

 photo IMG_2465.jpg
 photo IMG_2467.jpg

 photo IMG_2468.jpg

 photo IMG_2470.jpg
 photo IMG_2471.jpg

 photo IMG_2472.jpg

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I think the argument boils down to two things: what you earn, and what you picture in your head as a rich person's lifestyle.

£70,000 is in the 95th percentile for personal income. This means that if you earn £70,000 you earn more than 94% (or thereabouts) of people. If you're earning more than 94% of your fellow countrymen, you ought to be rich, right? Like, if you're better off than the vast, vast majority of people, you should feel well off, or else how must the poor buggers on less than you feel?

The problem is, of course, that £70,000 doesn't actually buy that much these days. Like, it won't get you a mortgage on a decent house anywhere in the home counties. It won't buy you a new car and a couple of holidays every year after housing costs. It won't pay school fees for your little ones to go to private school once you've paid for housing costs either. £70,000 a year doesn't feel rich; and that's what the problem is.

If you look at the lifestyles our parents had, well, this is what my parents did in the 80s:
  • owned a home
  • bought a new car every two years
  • didn't go on foreign holidays but DID send me to private school
  • were in the pub three nights a week
etc., etc.

Now, I'm not saying they didn't work for that: they did. My dad had two full time jobs (mild mannered biology teacher by day, superchef by night) and my mum worked 9-5 too. They worked bloody hard. But the same amount of work in the same jobs these days would get you, if you were lucky:
  • a rented house that is one of three poky little Barratt boxes built in the back garden of the kind of house your parents owned
  • a second hand banger that you run till it dies, or a bus/rail pass
  • a cheap holiday for now, but only until brexit happens and then we have to pay visa fees and the exchange rate is knackered and oh look we can only afford Butlins
  • Pre-loading because the pubs are so bloody expensive, thank you alcohol duty escalator
Now most of the people I see arguing about this are either saying "£70k is mega rich, you're in the 95th percentile FFS" or "£70k is not that rich when you consider what you can buy" but not many are following both thoughts through.

How bloody scandalous is it that even if you're in the 95th percentile you are still struggling, and you are well worse off than your parents would have been on an equivalent income adjusted for inflation etc.? If 95% of the country is not getting a good enough income, that's a bloody disgrace and somebody ought to do something about it.

Anybody know any politicians?
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 not sure about the title but i did a little interview fr a friend that work for the magazine ages ago and it has just come out.



Felix Magazine is profiling some of the fascinating personalities who add style and panache to London’s thriving cultural scene. These are people who feel free to define themselves as they see fit. What is their story and how has London helped shape it?

Post on our Facebook wall to suggest the person you know who would complement this series of diverse, individual Londoners.



Cecile’s understated style is the product of decades spent enjoying London’s open-minded attitude and wealth of subcultures where people feel free to express their inner identities.

Describe your current style as you see it.

A Goth with a penchant for Fairy, Steampunk, Victorian, Rococo, Kitsch, Occult, Tribal and colourful clothing.

Where do you come from? Answer as you believe best.

Originally from a little town called Pierrelatte in the south of France but I have been living in London for the past 23 years so really I see myself as a Londoner.

When, how and where did your current style begin to emerge?

I have always been attracted to fashion and into a variety of alternative styles. I always loved putting outfits together, wearing hats, drawing ideas and generally being artistic. I was more into the New Age/ Hippy/ Grungy look as a teenager as I wanted to be Janis Joplin but then moving to London at the age of 19 led me to explore many different styles for a few years.

It was so exciting. One night you could express your inner Britpop in a 60’s dress, the other you could dress head to toes in tie-dyes or put on your army boots to bounce around in some basement metal club. I started to get into Goth music more and more around 1998 and I have been developing my own style ever since.

How has London changed you and your style?


London changed everything. Most importantly here I was exposed to new music and bands all the time. I went from living in the middle of nowhere to a city where every night I could go to gig or a club. On top of that London allows you the freedom to express yourself. Seeing so many styles in the street and being able to get a job despite having piercings and coloured hair was wonderful, especially many years ago when you had vibrant places like Camden or Kensington markets on your doorstep. When I head back to rural France I realise how lucky I am living in such an open-minded and bohemian environment.

Many criticise London as expensive, crowded and polluted. What is your view?

I fell in love with London during my first ever visit when I was 15 and came here to stay with a family and learnt English then kept returning as often as I could until I was old enough to permanently move here. Yes it can be pricey and busy but it also never stops and there are always so many interesting things going on. Also not all events and venues are costly. Many are free if you know where to look.

I am a massive explorer and I adore visiting and discovering new places around the city. My favorite weekend of the year is London Open House (which is free). We are lucky we have the Tube and buses, so we can pretty much get anywhere at any time. Like all big cities there is something for all budgets. I am lucky I was a student before the rent and fees went ridiculous and I used to cycle everywhere.

I do not mind crowds as like everyone I can grumble during rush hours but then in the evening I go to some quirky and unusual events and I forget about the inconvenience.  Sadly, like many, I do not really like the way it is changing and I do find having less and less music venues and clubs, independent shops and areas being replaced by bland chain stores quite heart-breaking.

Where would you recommend for going out?

There are still quite a few Goth nights and clubs like Reptile and Slimelight but just not as many as before. Now they are mostly on weekends and in smaller venues. We still have a few rock/metal pubs but we no longer have any specific Goth one, which is a shame as it used to be great to be able to go to the Devonshire Arms In Camden at anytime and always know someone inside (also I used to live around the corner from it).

One thing that has really become popular in the last 10 years are costume balls. Although the music may not be specifically “alternative” or Goth they are very Goth-friendly and a perfect occasion to really dress up and wear more elaborate creations. I particularly like the Goblin Ball, A Curious Invitation and the Last Tuesday Society events. Outside London, there are also lots of great events to titillate the fantasy romantic in you, from faery balls to Gothic balls.

My favorite season is Halloween for going out as we are spoiled for places to go to, especially in the last few years with the rise of The Month of the Dead events, which feature everything from ossuary visits, to candlelit gigs in cemetery chapels, to taxidermy classes and lots of fascinating talks.

Do you think there’s a difference between simply being tolerated and accepted or actually welcomed?

It really depends on what I am wearing. In general I would say everyone is accepted here but there are always the occasional nasty comments and weird looks if you are different from the norm. It always hurts and worries you when you are targeted for no other reason than not conforming. I often prefer to travel with friends or by cars if possible rather than public transport on certain occasions.

However, on the other hand, you can often be surprised when someone genuinely happy and curious about your fashion strikes up a conversation on a night bus. It’s hard to look discreet when you are in a ballgown and horns made out of doll parts on a Saturday rush-hour Tube to go to a ball at the Royal Academy. Still, I feel much more at ease to be myself here than anywhere else.

Is your style your own or a product of a prescribed formula and wanting to be different?


Over the years it has really become my own, I started investigating my “Goth styles” by shopping in the various Goth shops in Camden, and loved my long velvet dresses and pointy shoes. Many years down the line, I have a very different style but it has been a natural evolution. My taste, alongside my age or shape changes all the time. I am always getting new ideas and inspirations from everything around me. Especially when I go out, I usually return full of ideas.

The problem is time and money to act on it. I have always been quite creative. It used to be through the medium of painting and ceramics, then when I started to work full-time as a librarian, my creativity continued in a new medium: decorating hats, making accessories, wigs, and more and more outfits.  I like matching shop-bought stuff, second-hand finds and my own creations. I like to see myself as a bit of a chameleon, the same way I like to change hair colours/style (thanks to hairfalls and wigs) each time I go out and I also love to give the events or night I am going to a bit of a thematic in my head.

Are you narcissistic? Are you an attention seeker or can viewers not help but stare?

Yet again it depends as I can be both. One part of me loves to be extravagant with huge dresses, maximalist decoration and crazy headdresses. As my friends always say “discreet, subtle or minimal is not really my style.” Then most of the time, I am just a pretty boring day-to-day Goth going to work, with no make-up and a little skull-fabric dress. Of course I like compliments, especially if it is about something I have created or put together.

Interview by Stewart Vickers @VickHellfire

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Thursday 8th June:CyberCitizens 

A much needed escape from the computer was required this afternoon so we popped out to the see CyberCitizens art installation (an interactive sound and visual project telling the stories of London through the voices of people who have made it their home) in Waterstones. Part of the UCL Festival of Culture. 
Being interactive so photos do not really do it justice

 photo IMG_2457.jpg

 photo IMG_2458.jpg

 photo IMG_2459.jpg
The relevant part (and the reason why I am posting this) will also be made bigger and bolder for those hard of thinking people. I thought I'd post the whole thing again though, just because it's periodically useful to do so.

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