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Donald Trump has defended his decision to look directly at the sun yesterday, insisting the claim that doing so could damage your eyesight is no more than a hoax made up by the Chinese and a handful of stupid scientists.
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Think You Under the Table (Critical Role (Web Series))
written by [ profile] Pax, performed by [ profile] bienenalster, [ profile] pax
Summary: "Pub crawl?" Keyleth said.
"Pub crawl," Percy agreed.

Gestalt (Leverage)
written by [ profile] Poetry, performed by [ profile] Shmaylor
Summary: The thing about magic is that you can’t do it by yourself. No one person has enough magic in them to do even a minor casting – you need a coven. Parker knew that about magic, which was why she couldn’t trust it.

Cleave (Steven Universe (Cartoon))
written by [ profile] thingswithwings, performed by [ profile] susan_voight
Summary: “Tell me a story,” Steven asks, as he shuts his eyes. Garnet, as far as she has the capacity for it, is surprised; Steven is seventeen, and while he still has a tendency towards whimsy, he hasn’t asked for this particular indulgence for years. Not since he was a lot smaller.
Garnet feels a little angry at herself for not having noticed that earlier; she feels regretful, too, that she can never seem to see any part of Steven’s adulthood coming in advance.

Loss In The Night (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
written by [ profile] luvtheheaven, performed by [ profile] marsmaywander
Summary: Set at the end of book 5, Hermione finds out from Lupin that Sirius has died. Her grief hits her hard. The conversation about everything that happened in the Department of Mysteries happens while she is in the hospital wing, still recovering from the effects of the Death Eater's purple flame. A few days later, she talks to McGonagall about the loss of Sirius.

Once Upon a Dream (Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (Movies), Agent Carter (TV))
written by [ profile] endeni, performed by [ profile] KeeperofSeeds
Summary: In which Tony meets Steve earlier.

Despite the Abundance of Violence (Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] romanticalgirl, performed by [ profile] Hangebokhan
Summary: Tony is trapped and stripped of his Iron Man suit. He sends out a distress call to Steve and Sam. Someone else answers.

The Short Telephonic History of the Hipster and the Ginger (Dead Poets Society (1989))
written by [ profile] phonecallfromgod, performed by [ profile] Chestnut_filly
Summary: “Oh my god, why do none of you answer your phones!? It’s Gin; when are you done with class? I need your second opinion on something. I think Charlie and Steven might have become a meme? I’m not 100% sure but this is starting to look like the best day of my life. Call me back quick!”

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Rugby player Stuart Reardon has posed naked.

The professional sportsman, 35, who currently plays for the North Whales Crusaders, has been quietly modelling on the side while working his way up in the rugby league.

We’re not sure what his teammates would think of some of his latest pictures, but we’re certainly not complaining.

Check out Stuart – who also runs an online fitness training program in his spare time – in the buff below:

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An American professor murdered his boyfriend as part of a sexual fantasy concocted with an Oxford University worker he met online, prosecutors say.

Wyndham Lathem, a professor of microbiology at Northwestern University professor, has appeared in court with  and Oxford University administrator Andrew Warren charged over the sexually-motivated of Lathem’s boyfriend Trenton Cornell-Duranleau at his apartment in Chicago on July 27.

According to the grisly report, the 26-year-old hairdresser was stabbed over 70 times with such force that he was nearly decapitated.

Lathem, 46, and Warren, 56, had communicated for months before the killing via online chatrooms where the pair discussed “carrying out their sexual fantasies of killing others and then themselves”, prosecutor Natosha Toller told told the Cook County court in Illinois.

Lathem paid for Warren to fly to the US days before the murder with the intention of killing someone and then themselves, Toller said. She added that on July 26, one day before the killing, Lathem booked a room for Warren near Cornell-Duranleau’s apartment.

Cornell-Duranleau, who was from Michigan, was asleep in his 10th-floor apartment when Lathem let Warren into him into the property in the early hours of July 27. Lathem then crept up to his boyfriend before stabbing him in the chest and neck with a 6-inch drywall saw knife, Toller said.

Cornell-Duranleau woke up during the attack and began fighting back, at which point Warren helped Lathem to subdue him, covering his mouth and striking him with a heavy lamp, the prosecutor said.

As Lathem continued to stab Cornell-Duranleau, Warren went to the kitchen and returned with two kitchen knives before also joining in with the barbaric attack, she said.

Toller said Cornell-Duranleau’s last words were to his boyfriend were: “Wyndham, what are you doing?”

Following the murder, Lathem and Warren went on the run, making a $5610 cash donation to a Chicago health centre in Mr Cornell-Duranleau’s name before fleeing the city in a rented vehicle.

They drove northwest before stopping around two hours later in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and making another cash donation of $1000 in Cornell-Duranleau’s name to a local library.

Following a nationwide manhunt that lasted eight days, the pair eventually surrendered in the San Francisco area of California before being returned to Illinois, where they will now stand trial.

Deeming both men potentially dangerous and a flight risk, Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr ordered both of them to remain in jail under strict separation until the trial. Both men are yet to enter pleas.

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Rejoice, RuPaul’s Drag Race fans! Our beloved All Stars is coming back.

Yesterday (August 21), VH1 confirmed that a third edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars is on the way. The series, which pits returning Drag Race queens against one another for a spot in the drag Hall of Fame, will air on VH1 for the first time, after the main show moved from Logo for season 9 earlier this year.

“The world is calling out to see more of these beautiful queens and I am going to give them every bit of it they can handle,” RuPaul told Variety. “‘All Stars’ represent the best of the breasts, legs, and thighs. They are giving everything and you’re not going to want to miss it!”

Executive Producer Tom Campbell said that the larger audience on VH1 will be beneficial for some of the returning queens, who will gain increased exposure from their appearance on the show. “I think there’s going to be queens that the audience who’s just discovering ‘Drag Race’ may not know, as well, or may be discovering for the first time,” he said. “It’s going to be exciting to see queens get a second bite of the apple and get some exposure that maybe they did not get the first time around.”

All Stars 3 is coming in early 2018, with the previously announced tenth season of the main show to follow in the Spring.

All Stars 2 was a big hit with fans, who loved the change in format from the poorly received initial incarnation and the selection of contestants, which included Alaska, PhiPhi O’Hara, and Alyssa Edwards. Rumours have been swirling for months about who is going to be in All Stars 3, with a supposed cast list leaking online last month.

The network also announced that Untucked, the Drag Race companion show which features the backstage gossip from behind the scenes of the main stage, will return to television. Untucked used to be shown on TV after Drag Race, but during season 7 the show moved online.

Executive producer Bailey Fenton is happy that Untucked is will be back where it belongs.“This is the show, watching the queens. It combines our love of drag with our love of documentary, and we just let it happen. As it plays, it’s very real, and that’s the joy of it.”

Both All Stars and Drag Race return to VH1 in the US next year. The main show airs on Netflix in the UK.

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I am communing with the ur-text at the moment (i.e. reading Dracula), and was tickled to notice last night that it contains a reference to Leeds - though not a very complimentary one! It's no great surprise, of course, given that a substantial chunk of the novel is set in Whitby, and indeed it is in the mouth of old Whitby fisherman Mr Swales that the reference comes. He is complaining about people being altogether too credulous about legends of bells ringing out at sea and White Ladies and such like:
Them feet-folks from York and Leeds that be always eatin' cured herrin's and drinkin' tea an' lookin' out to buy cheap jet would creed aught. I wonder masel' who'd be bothered tellin' lies to them, even the newspapers, which is full of fool-talk.
I'm not terribly sure what 'feet' means in this context, and Google isn't helping, even when I put the phrase in quotation marks to rule out ordinary references to feet. Maybe it just means foot-passengers who have come to Whitby on the train? Or might it be Bram's attempt at spelling a local pronunciation of 'fit', and perhaps means something more like 'fine folk' (in a sort of 'fit to be Queen' kind of sense)? If any genuine Yorkshire-born chums have a clue, let me know. If it's a proper dialect word, it will have been something Bram got out of a book on Whitby dialect which we know he used in his research.

[ETA: apparently I wasn't Googling very effectively before. I've found the answer now and my first guess was right: feet-folks are foot-passengers.]

Anyway, I will be going to Whitby myself in just over a fortnight, along with lovely [personal profile] lady_lugosi1313, to join a long weekend event marking the 40th anniversary of the Dracula Society's first official trip to that location. I don't have any particular plans to eat cured herring or drink tea (which I hate), but I won't turn down any nice cheap jet, and I will make a particular point of believing any and all legends of the macabre and supernatural which anyone tells me for the entire weekend - just to annoy Mr Swales.

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It’s Rodrigo Santoro’s 42nd birthday today (August 22).

The hunky actor has previously starred in the likes of 300, Stuart Little 2 and more recently, HBO’s smash hit West World.

However, you will probably know him best as lovable hunk Karl from Love Actually, who spent most of his time in his pants.

We’ve rounded up a selection of his hottest moments – so take a look below:

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We’ve got less than a month until the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult, and we’ve been treated to a glimpse of the new season’s opening credits.

Yesterday, as promised, series creator Ryan Murphy dropped the opening titles for the new season – and they are as creepy as we have come to expect. The clip features a fairground theme, with a carousel and clowns. However, this is intercut with darker imagery featuring bees, blood, and dead animals. One particularly horrifying clip shows a magician pulling a skinned rabbit out of a hat.

Dead animals aren’t the scariest part of the titles, however, as Donald Trump also appears. Well, someone in a Donald Trump mask that is. There’s also a Hillary Clinton impersonator, suggesting that last year’s election will be part of Cult’s plot.

When the seventh season was first announced, Murphy suggested that it was going to focus the 2016 presidential election, but later said that the connection would be more of a jumping off point for the action of the season. However, it seems like Trump and Clinton may feature more heavily than we first thought, as the clip also features a bloody American flag.

As ever, not much is actually known about the plot of the season, other than it being related to a cult in some way. The main cast comprises of Sarah Paulson & Evan Peters (the only actors who have appeared in every season of the show so far), as well as Cheyenne Jackson and newcomers Billie Lourd and Alison Pill.

Other stars slated to appear in the 11-episode season include Lena Dunham, Billy Eichner, Colton Haynes, and Emma Roberts.

Earlier this month Murphy also dropped a hint about how each of American Horror Story’s seasons are connected, sending fans into a frenzy.

Watch the clip below:

American Horror Story: Cult begins September 5 on FX in the US. No word on a UK airdate yet.

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MPs around the country are rejoicing at the prospect of sending piss-taking funny fuckers to prison under proposed regulations to tackle online bullying.

Posted by Attitude Magazine

British sporting hero Jonnie Peacock is set to become the first ever disable contestant to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, and we can’t wait to see what the two-time Paralympic gold medal winner brings to the dance floor on Saturday nights this autumn.

24-year-old Jonnie, who took home the gold in the T44 men’s 100 metres event at the 2012 London Paralympics and 2016 Rio Paralympics, had his right leg amputated below the knee as a child after contracting meningitis, but that hasn’t prevented him becoming one of the fastest men on the planet – and now, perhaps, one of its best movers.

The former Attitude cover star said: “The opportunity to be the first contestant with a disability to take part in Strictly’s main show was too good to turn down.

“I’ve got no previous dance history outside of the occasional ‘worm’ at a mate’s party and I know this will be a challenge and a new experience. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve and how far I can push myself.”

To celebrate Jonnie’s history-making turn on Strictly, we thought we’d revisit his really rather lovely Attitude cover shoot from January 2013. Don’t say we never treat you…











Jonnie joins a star-studded Strictly line-up that includes Holby City stars Chizzy Akudolu and Joe McFadden, Rev Richard Coles, Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson, This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford, actor and comedian Davood Ghadami and Mollie King from The Saturdays.

JLS singer Aston Merrygold, comedian Brian Conley and Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins will also take part, along with Sunday Brunch chef Simon Rimmer and comedian Susan Calman.

Strictly Come Dancing is expected to air on BBC One in late September.

Attitude’s September issue is out now. Buy in printsubscribe or download.

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A couple months ago I was talking with my roommate about the new Anne of Green Gables TV series (I have not seen it, she had opinions about it) which led to us reminiscing about Other L.M. Montgomery Books We Had Known, which led to me last weekend rereading The Story Girl and The Golden Road.

I was actually much more attached to these books than I ever was to Anne -- they're about an extended group of cousins who have very wholesome adventures together. The cousins include:

Beverly, Our Narrator, most notable for his mildly purple narration and deeply sentimental soul
Felix, his little brother, who is Fat and Sensitive About It
Felicity, who is Very Beautiful and Very Prosaic and also Extremely Bossy, like Lucy from Peanuts if she also looked like Elizabeth Taylor
Cecily, who is Very Good and Very Serious and probably also Doomed to Die Young Like Good Children Do
Dan, Felicity and Cecily's brother, who is an Annoying Brother
Sara Ray, who lives down the road and cries all the time
Peter, who is But a Hired Boy but Clever and Talented and also In Love With Felicity
and, of course, Sara Stanley the Story Girl, who is not pretty but interesting, and has a spellbindingly beautiful voice, and is prone to stopping in the middle of any given conversation to announce that she knows a story that has some vague relation to the topic at hand and will then proceed to relate that story come hell or high water, which: oh god, of course I imprinted on these books as a kid, because I of course do the exact same thing, except without any vestige of a spellbindingly beautiful voice, and also instead of 'I know a tragic story about our uncle's great-aunt's wedding' my version is usually 'I read a book once in which somebody banged a griffin.' But, much like the Story Girl, once I get started on an anecdote of this kind there is very little chance of stopping me. I apologize to anybody who has suffered from this.

ANYWAY. Fortunately, the other kids (with the occasional exception of Felicity) never get fed up with the Story Girl and are always glad to hear an entertaining anecdote about the minister's cousin's grandmother or whatever the topic of discussion is that day.

The kids also get into normal turn-of-the-century-Canadian kid stuff, like pretending to be ministers, or freaking out because the local old-lady-who-might-be-a-witch sat in their pew at church, or panicking that it might be the Day of Judgment. Normal turn-of-the-century-Canadian kid stuff centers very prominently on appropriate church behavior, as it turns out. L.M. Montgomery's world is composed of Methodists and Lutherans and that's about it. I don't remember this being weird for me as an emphatically-not-Christian youth but it is slightly retroactively weird for me now.

Other notable things that happen in The Story Girl and The Golden Road:
- Dan eats poison berries because Felicity tells him he would be an idiot to eat the poison berries, nearly dies, then goes back and eats more poison berries because Felicity made the mistake of saying she told him so
- Cecily the Very Sweet and Very Good is mean to exactly one person in both books, a boy in her class who conceives a terrible crush on her and will not leave her alone despite multiple stated requests until she publicly humiliates him in class, which she ruthlessly does; a good lesson
- The Story Girl gives a great and instantly recognizable description of synesthesia without ever actually using the word
- The Story Girl befriends a desperately shy neighbor who is known as the Awkward Man, "because he is so awkward," our narrator Bev helpfully explains
- the Awkward Man is later revealed to have a secret room in his house containing women's clothing, which, the Story Girl explains, is because he's spent years buying things for an imaginary girlfriend - and, I mean, far be it from me to question the Story Girl! but some grad student could probably get a real good paper on gender and sexuality in turn-of-the-century children's lit out of this is all I'm saying
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I wanted to be there right when the museum opened - missed that by about an hour.

DID get the glasses. Boy, those were something. They seemed completely opaque until you looked up at the tiny, orange, dim sun. (The kids sold theirs to people even later than we were!)

Missed the lecture due to some miscommunication. Didn't see other exhibits, same reason.

But we did enjoy looking at the sun through the (shared) glasses, and the kids really loved making pinhole projectors on index cards. I'd expected they would - they wrote their names and all!

One thing that was not explained to me in the documentation, but in retrospect should've been obvious: The dimmer the light got, the closer the index cards had to be to make a clear image. At the beginning, having one on the ground and one in your hand was good enough. By the midpoint, when it was 70% covered and dark (and when we were done) they had to be right next to each other.

Several people, hearing me launch into another spiel on how "our eyes work the same way" and "the image is backwards and upside down - look, compare it! - but when it happens in our eyes our brains automatically flip it" asked if I was a teacher or a scientist! LOL. Only the former in a very *literal* sense, but this is something I've known since I was six or so. I had a book on the structure of the eye. (I didn't say that. I just said I homeschool and I made the kids listen to me talk to them about it.)

And then on the way back we talked about the Statue of Liberty and all. I heard a tour guide the other day say that the original model for the face was the sculptor's girlfriend, not his mother as in the finished version, but I don't know if that's correct. Still, "she looked too sexy" is obviously a story that's hard to give up!
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We didn’t make it down to see totality, but my part of Michigan got about 80% eclipse coverage today, which was still pretty sweet. My son and I went to a library presentation this morning, where I was reminded about pinhole viewing, which led to this:

Pinhole Eclipse Projection

I’d ordered a solar filter for the 100-400mm lens on the camera. We also had some eclipse glasses from Amazon from a few weeks back.

I took a little over a hundred pictures, and was able to stitch some of the best into an animation.

Solar Eclipse Animation

Those black spots are sunspots. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!

I also stitched together a static time-lapse, and added back a bit of color the filter stripped out. (Click to enlarge this one for a much better view.)

Eclipse - Time Lapse

Didn’t get much else done today, but I’m okay with that. And maybe for the 2024, we’ll be able to make it down to see the total eclipse!

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.

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On further probing, it appears that starting up gnome-inform7 has a race condition. Sometimes it crashes at startup, sometimes it doesn't, and there is no externally visible rhyme or reason to why.

The existence or otherwise of its data directory is a red herring.

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Eclipse progress tripping light sensors at port of seattle. something i saw

 16.One of your favourite classical songs

 have no answer to this. I stopped listening to classical music right around the same time I stopped playing the flute (senior year of high school).  I realized that all the competitiveness made me somewhere between uncomfortable and ill, and I didn't want to go to college for the flute, I just wanted to smoke cigarettes and do something academic.

While I regret no longer having the ability to play an instrument, I miss having a skill level in something nominally objective, I think I made the right choice.  But I still don't listen to classical music and I don't remember what I used to listen to, I only remember that I did.

17.A song that you would sing as a duet on karaoke

Henry Lee by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey

honorable mentions: Don't you want me by The Human League and, though I've used the song to answer an earlier prompt, Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars.

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These days it seems like everybody’s espousing the benefits of yoga, but seriously guys, you know what’s better than actually doing it? Watching it.

Namely, watching two shirtless Olympic-level acrobats try and manoeuvre themselves into the most convoluted positions possible as part of an ‘Extreme Yoga Challenge’.

Thankfully, Tom Daley’s latest YouTube video involves that very spectacle, as the Team GB diver teams up with gymnast Nile Wison to try out some extreme yoga positions that will leave a lasting impression.

The clip sees the pair take requests from a vast array of celebrity friends, including former Attitude cover stars Adam Peaty, Stephen Fry, Gus Kenworthy, and even Dustin Lance Black, who has a very specific request for his husband.

“This a position I saw at Cirque le Soir – this circus that comes to town occasionally,” Dustin says.

“What is interesting about this position is that one of you is going to have to decide who’s reclining, and who’s erect.”

So who ends up where? You’ll have to watch the video to find out…







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