Hmm. To me, The Lovers doesn’t necessarily represent romantic love or a romantic relationship, but represents a strong, supportive partnership. 

King of Cups - an older male presence who is grounded, who is able to express their emotions without freaking out? (I’m always vague on the interpretation of court cards. They just don’t stick in my memory.)


Dearest @chamika modeling an all white version of my Valkyrie dress with lace heirlooming details. #lolitafashion #eglcommunity #valkyrie #ixdoxdeclare #idodeclareshop #picnicathangingrock #flushingmeadowspark #voodooodolly #indiedesigner #lace (at Flushing Meadows - Corona Park)

Or, a collection of three Victorian travel pamphlets, each with an alternate title:

"Notes on Norway or, A Brief Journal of a Tour made in the Northern Parts of Norway in the Summer of 1836"

Dude liked drawing the peasants even though they ugly,

"Unprotected Females in Norway or, The Pleasantest Way of Travelling There, passing through Denmark and Sweden, with Scandinavian Sketches from Nature"

Dudes think the landscape is lovely and peasants even more so, but also that they ugly.

"A Cruise on the Hardanger Fiord or, Six in Norway with a "Snark", by One of Them

Dudes be sailing round Norway enjoying nature, and think the peasants be pretty. Also, the way the costumes were described made me think of the handmaid's red dress/wimple thing in The Handmaid's Tale.

All in all, upper class travellin' toffs be patronising and smug. And overly verbose vis a vis titles - was it a rule back then that you had to offer two?

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Long running plans to upgrade Camden tube station have made a step closer to realisation with another consultation for the public to comment on.

At the moment, Camden tube station suffers from serious overcrowding, especially at weekends. There were highly controversial plans some years ago to demolish most of the current station building, but these were blocked.

Now, London Underground has come back with a new proposal which will see the existing entrance left alone, and an entirely new entrance built at the other end of the deep tube platforms.

Not only will that create the extra capacity needed at the tube station, it should help to reduce some capacity issues on the pavements outside the current entrance by splitting the customer flow in half.

If the plans are approved, then the new entrance will be added at the north end of Camden, nearer to Camden Lock. At the moment, around 70% of the people using the existing exit head north anyway, so it’s expected that the majority will switch to the new entrance when it opens.

Deep down at the platform level, a new central concourse would create new access to each of the four platforms, which would reduce congestion at important points throughout the station.

Current Layout

Proposed Layout

The scheme will triple the size of the station, and should future-proof the station for the next 60 years, on current population growth predictions.

There will be a public exhibition at Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck Street, NW1 8NJ at the times below.

  • Thursday 13 July- 12:00 until 20:00
  • Friday 14 July – 12:00 until 20:00
  • Saturday 15 July – 11:00 until 16:00

Construction is expected to start in 2020 and take around four years to complete.

The total cost of the upgrade is put at around £250 million.

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Posted by The Awesomer

Deeper Underground


If you’ve ever lived in a big city, you’ve probably spent a meaningful amount of time wandering underground tunnels on your way to or from subway trains. In Return’s engrossing short film takes us on a hypnotic ride through the public walkways of the London Underground.

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([personal profile] bob posting in [community profile] flaneurs Jun. 25th, 2017 07:37 pm)
As is customary I did Flaneurs bus challenge I. (c) from the same stop as before with an unchanging n of 6.
In exciting news I managed to finally cross the river and in fact ended up at Tottenham Hale. I covered about 30 miles on buses on the hottest day of the year. The routemasters were hellish.

* Map
* Google Photos or Flick Photos depending on what you prefer. Includes lots of video.
* Twitter thread

I'm currently uploading the videos to youtube and may make a longer video of them.
Talking of which I often post videos of my bus journeys on my youtube channel
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Posted by The Awesomer

A Life in Numbers


As philosopher Albert Camus said “Life is a sum of all your choices.” In Kingdom of Something’s lighthearted short, they provide some stats about how much of our lives we spend performing everyday tasks, and some of the figures might help you better allocate your time.

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Do you think this comic is overly wordy, or did I just prime you to believe that?

New comic!
Today's News:

Last full week to get in your BAHFest proposal, people of Houston!

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Posted by Ian Visits

For many people, a rite of teen passage is the visit to a pop concert, the formative memories that are looked back fondly in later years.

Last week, in my forties, I went to my first ever pop concert.

Your correspondent has never been a huge music fan, and never really had much interest in paying to see people on a distant stage singing songs I had heard many times before. A hearing difficulty also makes it difficult to hear lyrics as they are recorded today, so I have tended to gravitate towards an odd mix of classical and rave music, with some 80s rock and cheesy pop thrown in for good measure.

I listen to music, on shuffle mode, but would struggle to name the bands or the song titles. But there are a few that I know vaguely and might consider to be a fan of.

One such band was making a rare visit to the UK, and not just their music, but the curiously appealing tie-ins with 1980s computers and travel themes has often made them stand out.

That and their distinctive style – four serious men in suits standing near motionless on a stage manipulating their keyboards with barely a nod to the audience watching them. So unlike other musicians who dance and cavort on stage.

Kraftwerk, in their stiff appearance and adoration of transport and computers is pretty much as close as it is possible to get to being my perfect music group, and what better group to pop my concert cherry.

What I had no idea about — although they’ve been doing it since 2009, is that their concerts use 3D graphics. Had I known, I might have felt motivated to pay for a more central seat.

As it was, £65 for a side seat, with restricted leg-room was probably one of the most expensive tickets to a venue I have ever paid. We all value things differently, but I do wonder how people can afford to go out as often as they seem to.

The Royal Albert Hall, which is not noted for its air conditioning was the venue of choice, in the middle of the recent heatwave.

Squashed into seats, I had the pleasure of listening to the chap behind regale his companion with complaints about the halls acoustics and how it was built to have the Albert Memorial on the roof, which would have surprised engineers, as the roof is made of glass.

Eventually, the music started, and the 3D graphics came alive. Old style computer fonts with numbers floating the air and zooming towards you, and some more modern, but still dated appearing computer graphics of floating spaceships were sometimes awesome, and sometimes a bit laughably bad.

What worked that the 3D graphics were rarely in-your-face, but used to create subtle layers on the stage. A Fantasia style musical timeline hanging in the air was exceptional. The 1950s car just about hovering over the stage if you squinted a little.

Now, as a concert virgin I am not familiar with the protocol.

I have been to events where there was music as part of the event, such as charity fundraisers, or end-of-season classical performances, and they are listened to respectfully. I appreciate that night clubs and the like are different, but this was a concert, so I presumed the same rules applied. You’re here for the music.

Alas, here I was sat next to four people on an Essex Lads Night Out, regularly chatting throughout the evening and liberally topping up depleted pint glasses with fresh lagers.

It felt more like a night in Yates, than the in Royal Albert Hall.

To me, having forked out a sizable chunk of cash for a ticket, I wouldn’t mind listening to the music. No one else seemed to tell them to shut up, so seems that behaviour at pop concerts is somewhat different to what I had been expecting, or maybe they were being glared at but no one said anything.

The big famous tracks were performed, but of course the one everyone wanted to hear was The Robots.

A short break, and the human performers replaced with their famous, and never aging robotic equivalents. The hall erupted with noise and lights, and out came the cameras to ignore admonitions on the tickets that photography was forbidden.

A few more tracks, and the evening was over.

Walking past the detritus of the Yates bar and out into a different world. I am no longer a pop concert virgin.

Did I enjoy it. Generally yes, and it’s sort of nice to say I was in the hall and saw the concert live, but at £65 a ticket, I think it’s fair to say it’s not something that I’ll be able to repeat in a hurry.

And I’ll probably try to find a venue with a no drinks/chatter policy.

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([personal profile] fluffymormegil Jun. 25th, 2017 04:04 pm)

Due to my job involving taking phone calls from people living in London, I have noticed a linguistic phenomenon that intrigues me: some people whose first language seems likely to not be English display a tendency to use /jespliːz/ (with timing as if it was a single word) as the affirmative rather than simply /jes/.

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Posted by Lambert V.

Nike React Hyperdunk 2017


One of the first shoes to have the Nike React, a foam cushion that is light, springy and durable. Its outsole was designed to provide support and traction on the right points, while the Flyknit upper and decoupled collar make for a comfortable fit. Drops 8/3/17.

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LuminAid PackLite Lanterns

Price: $20-$25  | Buy | Link

A waterproof lantern you can take anywhere thanks to its inflatable design. It squishes down almost flat, and when filled with air, its body diffuses light. A built-in solar panel lets it charge when you don’t have a USB power source around. Available with white or RGB LEDs.



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