Snow CrashSnow Crash by Neal Stephenson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second time I read this, this time for the February meeting of Bibliogoth. Had forgotten quite a bit about it; I've learnt since that it was to have been a graphic novel, which makes sense -some of the characters, the action and the settings are almost in primary colours, low res comic book style. It works though. The main characters I find engaging and credible (if some of the action scenes a little less so and the names I found slightly annoying at first -Hirohito Protagonist?), the depiction of the internet as a virtual world wasn't that off the mark -and this was written in 1992, before the internet as we know it today became widespread, still in the time of connecting to BBSs using dial-up modems. I may have enjoyed it more this time round. I still prefer Anathem but I suspect I'm quite alone in this.

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